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Dozentur Soziologie, Departement Architektur, ETH Zürich, 17. February 2019
Tammy Wong
Research FCL Singapore

#06-01, CREATE Tower
Singapore 138602
+65 909 834 87  



Curriculum vitae


Master of Philosophy (by Research) at the Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), Hong Kong: “Spatiality, Governmentality and the Production of New Town Space in Hong Kong”.  


Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) (First Class) in Geography at the Department of Geography, HKBU, Hong Kong.  



Assistant in research or community projects at HKBU: a book project of urban development in HK (Mar 2010 – July 2011); library research on environmental policy in PRD and energy in China (May 2008 – July 2008); a research project of urban redevelopment, displacement and social movements in a neighbourhood in Tusen Wan, HK (Sept 2004 – Nov 2007); a community engagement project “Wan Chai Future Development Blueprint Project” (2007).  


Research Assistant in the Dept of Politics and Public Administration, HKU: Public Policy Agenda in Hong Kong (May 2010 – Aug 2010).  


Research Assistant at Community Development Initiative Foundation: Policy advocacy of retirement scheme in Hong Kong (Sept 2009 – Nov 2009).  



Other experience


Instructor in a community project of Tsuen Wan Rural Area Sustainable Development at HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre, Tsuen Wan (Feb 2010 to May 2011).  

Invited in a planning programme of CapAsia in the development of the Tsunami-affected villages in Sri Lanka organised by Ball State University (April 2008).  

Commission Staff at HK Sub-centre, Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University (since 2005): assistant in Homeless people and public housing policy in Hong Kong.  

Committee member of Hong Kong Critical Geography Group (since 2004): organising community tours, fieldworks and study group.    




Wong K.P.T & Kornatowski G. (2008). Space of social exclusion: Tin Shui Wai. A Workshop on Social and Cultural Creativity, URP GCOE Report Series, No 3. Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University.   Tang, W.S. and T.K.P. Wong (2007).


The Tsuen Wan Seven Street Redevelopment Project: a factual account. Occasional Paper 77, The Centre for China Urban and Regional Studies. Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong.  


Tang, W.S., Chan K.C. and Tammy K.P. Wong, et al. (2008). Transcend the dominant value of the Central District by situating it in its historical geography- A reversion to Shatin value. URP GCOE working paper series. Osaka City University, No.1 August (in Japanese).  


Tang, W.S., Chan K.C. & Wong, Tammy K.P. et al. (2009). A district-based sustainable development blueprint. In St. James Settlement (Ed.), A start from Stone Nullah Lane: St. James Settlement’s twenty-year community development (pp.115-120). Hong Kong: St. James Settlement (in Chinese).   Tang, W.S., Wong, K.P. & Man, P.Y. (2008). Urban geographic fieldwork: spatial stories. Community mapping (pp.1-11). A research group of Department of Geography, Hong Kong Baptist University (in Chinese).