Elective Thesis

Stu­dents of the Depart­ment of Archi­tec­tu­re may wri­te an elec­ti­ve the­sis paper with the Chair of Socio­lo­gy. Gene­ral­ly the for­mer atten­dance of an elec­ti­ve cour­se in socio­lo­gy is man­da­to­ry for the accep­tance to an elec­ti­ve thesis.

Elec­ti­ve the­sis papers within the con­text of a socio­lo­gy cour­se are to be in writ­ten form and pre­di­ca­ted on the cri­te­ria of aca­de­mic papers in social sci­en­ces. They are to ful­fill the effec­ti­ve stan­dards in social sci­en­ces. To achie­ve this stan­dard, the stu­dents are gui­ded and super­vi­sed inten­si­ve­ly. Bes­i­des the exami­na­ti­on of the con­tents, one of the edu­ca­tio­nal objec­ti­ves is to train the cor­rect com­po­si­ti­on of an aca­de­mic paper, regar­ding its for­mat, form, the cohe­rence of the con­tent and its sci­en­ti­fic validity.

Sel­ec­ted Papers

Fur­ther Infor­ma­ti­on on Elec­ti­ve Theses