Planetary Urbanization

fall semester 2015

In the last deca­des, urba­niza­ti­on has beco­me a pla­ne­ta­ry phe­no­me­non. Urban are­as expand and inter­wea­ve, and novel forms of urba­niza­ti­on emer­ge, such as the implo­si­on and explo­si­on of urban regi­ons, the dis­in­te­gra­ti­on of con­ti­guous “hin­ter­lands”, the emer­gence of cor­ri­dor urba­niza­ti­on, the lar­ge sca­le indus­tria­liza­ti­on and urba­niza­ti­on of agri­cul­tu­ral are­as, the pro­duc­tion of exten­ded urban fabrics of logi­stics, the crea­ti­on and exten­si­on of ope­ra­tio­nal land­scapes, as well as pro­ces­ses that lead to the end of the “wil­der­ness” and the urba­niza­ti­on of oce­an space. The­se new phe­no­me­na gave rise to the emer­gence of an inten­se deba­te about a new con­cep­tio­na­liza­ti­on of urba­niza­ti­on. This theo­ry semi­nar aims at giving an intro­duc­tion to urban theo­ry, to theo­re­ti­cal thin­king and to the bet­ter under­stan­ding of sci­en­ti­fic texts. 

In this theo­ry semi­nar we read and dis­cuss a ran­ge of recent papers and book chap­ters which ana­ly­ze the­se new phe­no­me­na of pla­ne­ta­ry urbanization:

The implo­si­on and explo­si­on of urban regions

The dis­in­te­gra­ti­on of con­ti­guous “hin­ter­lands”

Cor­ri­dor urbanization

The urba­niza­ti­on of agri­cul­tu­ral areas

The pro­duc­tion of exten­ded urban fabrics of logistics

The crea­ti­on and exten­si­on of ope­ra­tio­nal landscapes

The end of the “wil­der­ness”

The urba­niza­ti­on of oce­an space

The rele­vant texts will be dis­tri­bu­ted in the seminar.

A very good over­view is pro­vi­ded in the fol­lo­wing edi­ted volu­me: Bren­ner, Neil (ed.): Implo­si­ons / Explo­si­ons: Towards a Stu­dy of Pla­ne­ta­ry Urba­niza­ti­on. Jovis, Ber­lin, 2014.

Jeweils frei­tags, 12:45–14:30 | ETH Höng­ger­berg | HIL C 10.2 | Beginn am 18. Sep­tem­ber 2015

Dozent: Prof. Dr. Chris­ti­an Schmid

Kon­takt: Caro­li­ne Ting


Ver­an­stal­tung am 25. Sep­tem­ber 2015:

Schmid, Chris­ti­an: Netz­wer­ke, Gren­zen, Differenzen

Schmid, Chris­ti­an: Tra­vel­ling Warrior

Stu­dio Basel: Matterhorn