Urban Revolution Now

When Hen­ri Lefeb­v­re published The Urban Revo­lu­ti­on in 1970, he sket­ched a rese­arch itin­era­ry on the emer­ging ten­den­cy towards pla­ne­ta­ry urba­niza­ti­on. Today, when this ten­den­cy has beco­me rea­li­ty, Lefebvre’s ide­as on ever­y­day life, pro­duc­tion of space, rhythm­ana­ly­sis and the right to the city are indis­pensable for the under­stan­ding of urba­niza­ti­on pro­ces­ses at every sca­le of social prac­ti­ce. This volu­me is the first to deve­lop Lefebvre’s con­cepts in social rese­arch and archi­tec­tu­re by focu­sing on urban con­junc­tures in Bar­ce­lo­na, Bel­gra­de, Ber­lin, Buda­pest, Copen­ha­gen, Dha­ka, Hong Kong, Lon­don, New Orleans, Nowa Huta, Paris, Toron­to, São Pau­lo, Sara­je­vo, as well as in Mexi­co and Switz­er­land. With con­tri­bu­ti­ons by his­to­ri­ans and theo­rists of archi­tec­tu­re and urba­nism, geo­graph­ers, socio­lo­gists, poli­ti­cal and cul­tu­ral sci­en­tists, Urban Revo­lu­ti­on Now reve­als the mul­ti­pli­ci­ty of pro­ces­ses of urba­niza­ti­on and the varie­ty of their pat­terns and actors around the globe.

Luka­sz Sta­nek (Hg.), Chris­ti­an Schmid und Ákos Mora­vánsz­ky: Urban Revo­lu­ti­on Now: Hen­ri Lefeb­v­re in Social Rese­arch and Archi­tec­tu­re. Ash­ga­te. 2014.

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